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Always on your life-journals and my-places

Sigh. My computer has decided to crash and die in a flurry of blue screens and fatal errors, so now I'm on a laptop that has none of my files and feeling very cut off. I have most of my super-vital stuff backed up, of course, but there was a lot of stuff that falls into the category of 'not super vital but I'd still be unhappy to lose it'. Which is seeming like a strong possibility at the moment, since all my efforts to fix things have only gotten me from 'blue screen of death' to 'desktop where everything is frozen and task manager refuses to run any new programs' ;~;

Oh well. Guess I've got more spare time to play Persona 4, now.

I was totally enjoying the bromance between Yosuke and Soji (Magician Social Link is up to 9 already), but his antics during the school campout lowered my opinion of him, and it hasn't really been repaired since. I'm liking Kanji a lot more than I expected to though; there's something sweet about the combination of his badass punk exterior and how he sews adorable bunny dolls for little kids XD

I'm also liking Rise more than I thought I would, from what I've seen of her so far. Not sure what to think of Teddie's transformation, though. He probably should've changed his voice along with everything else, because ahaha, that voice is always going to be one for roly-poly mascot characters, never for sparkly blond boys who wear roses.

ALSO. WHAT IS WITH THAT NURSE YOU MAKE THE DEVIL SOCIAL LINK WITH. 'Ooh what a cute high school boy here let me molest you', what XD;; I keep selecting the 'I'm not interested' option, but it just seems to be encouraging her. Bad lady.

...As for the plot, I'm currently wondering if the Morooka killing wasn't just a copycat? Either that, or he was the original killer and somebody else is gonna take over now. I have no idea! /still hoping I wasn't actually spoiled for the killer's identity
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