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And I have kept track of my flist and stuff, even if I've been more lurkery than comment-y (that's not unusual anyway). It's just harder to find the energy to post. But hey I'm doing it now.

First of all, I have a new kitten! She is tiny and black and insane and I love her. Normally I'd go for an older rescued animal, but my aunt's cat had kittens by accident (SPAY YOUR PETS, PEOPLE) and it was pretty much expected that I take one in. So I did. Currently she's sleeping on my lap.

Second of all, I...have been really lazy with gaming. I still haven't finished Persona 4, and I got Pokemon White but haven't finished that either XD;;
I've been reading a lot of awesome books though (and intend to make a more in-depth post about those at some point in time). I'm especially on the lookout for books starring dragons, if anyone has recommendations? No Temeraire or Pern, please. The former isn't my cup of tea, and the latter...well. I've heard about the tent peg thing.

Thirdly, I'm afraid I haven't been writing. It's almost a year since I last updated Veritas, and I do want to finish it - I do miss writing and posting things - but I've started to get the feeling it's cursed. Whenever I sat down to work on it, bad things seemed to follow, and since I've set it aside nothing bad has happened. So make of that what you will.
Aside from my private little corner of RP plotting, I feel like the .hack//G.U. fandom keeps growing more distant, and that's sad. I guess these things happen as a fandom ages, though.

Fourthly, finding sunscreen that hasn't been tested on animals is more difficult than it should be.
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