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[you believed in all your lies]

I'm thinking about joining Tumblr, even though I have only the vaguest notion of how it works. And even if all I'd do is post writing snippets and look at pictures of Endrance and/or Haseo. It's always good to find new ways of procrastinating!

Another site I'm enjoying is Rainymood. It's such a simple idea, but I've always wondered if there was something like that out there. Helps calm me down when I'm feeling stressed.

Those things aside, this is really a post about anime. Mainly about No. 6, which first caught my eye because the main characters are a white-haired red-eyed guy with weird red marks on his face, and a taller guy with long blue hair who occasionally crossdresses to play Shakespeare, but that's not relevant, just interesting. And they're about as gay as it's possible to be without anyone actually saying so. No. 6 isn't BL, it's a sci-fi show/manga about conspiracies in a supposedly perfect futuristic city, and that plot is enough to sell it. But it also happens to have main characters who kiss and dance in sunsets together. Yeah.
...Their personalities aren't anything like Haseo and Endrance, though. White-haired guy is all naive and polite from a privileged upbringing in the city, and blue-haired guy is a badass tsundere that's about 90% tsun. But they're awesome, even if I'm trying not to get too invested in them together, since it doesn't seem like a series that'll end happily for everyone.

I've also started watching Tiger & Bunny, because it's loud and colourful and very entertaining, and I can see why it's gotten popular. Only three episodes into that so far.
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