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So hey I have a new fandom

And its name is No. 6. Considering that I only started watching because Sion looks like Haseo, it's turned out to be a really good find!

I'm not sure about the fandom yet, since I've mostly been experiencing that on Tumblr, which means it's 50% masses of gorgeous romantic fanart, and 50% idiotic flailing about how NEZUMI SHOULD HAVE MARRIED SION AND RAISED THE BABY WITH HIM and I'M SO GLAD THAT BITCH SAFU DIED and IDGAF ABOUT PLOT OR CHARACTERISATION BUT I SCREAMED WHEN THEY KISSED OMG!!!11

It...it kind of pains me to see people treating No. 6 like some standard piece of yaoi fluff, when it's so much more than that. For a start it can't be classified as yaoi, any more than .hack//SIGN is classified as yuri because it just so happens to feature a lesbian couple. It's just a cool sci-fi series which happens to feature two guys who love each other. Which feels like an encouraging step forward, from a niche market full of insulting stereotypes into the mainstream. So it bothers me to see some fans all of whom I'd suspect are straight who'd rather it be dragged back.

But anyway! Having watched all of the anime now, I'm keen to see how the manga and light novels differ from it, and what extra details they add, since the anime was a bit of a rush job. The ending, in particular - as a million people have said before me - was far better in the novel. Though frankly, I'm still relieved that it wasn't as bad as I'd expected, and Nezumi just wandered off instead of dying, and Sion is waiting for him to return rather than settling down with Safu. So uh, that's something. And there were some really dramatic and emotional moments before that.

I still would've been happier if Nezumi had stayed, but after thinking it over and reading other peoples' discussions, I do see why he left. They'd turned each other's lives upside down so much, it made sense that he'd need to get some space and clear his head for a while. And the 'we'll meet again' vibe was strong enough that it didn't upset me.

Even if he had stayed though, there's no way they should've been raising that random baby. Two mentally unstable sixteen-year-old boys = WORST PARENTS EVER. It'd be better off staying with the dog.
...But it did kind of bug me that in the novels it's adopted by Dogkeeper. Like it was saying that since she's the only woman around there, she has to be the maternal one. To hell with that, Dogkeeper is awesome all on her own.

Uh. Re-reading this it seems like I'm dwelling on negatives more than positives, but don't get me wrong I REALLY LIKE NO. 6. And am gradually being talked into roleplaying Sion XD;;

I still love Haseo and Endrance more, though.
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