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So college is great in some ways and massively stressful in others, and uh, eating up a lot more of my time than I thought it would. Which hasn't left me with much energy to work on fics lately, which I feel bad about since I asked a couple of people to beta my post-Veritas stuff and haven't sent them anything yet, because I haven't been able to finish anything yet. Maybe I'll be able to get some stuff done over Christmas break.

A couple of weeks ago I had a half term break, which I used to hop over to America and visit witherlessroses. Which was awesome and we had heaps of fun and I miss her so much now aaaa ;~; (and we only spent like half an hour playing .hack//G.U. together, isn't that impressive). And I could make a huge post talking about all our dorky adventures but this isn't that type of blog and I like to keep secrets.

Umm what else? I am all kinds of excited about the new Legend of Zelda game; I've pre-ordered the limited edition version with that silly gold controller. Even though I still think the Wii is kind of a lame console with not many games to recommend it besides Zelda.
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