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Skyward Sword

The fangirling for it begins here. I had a heap of trouble getting to play the actual game, since on Friday I missed the delivery (I was doing work experience back at the animal shelter I used to volunteer at - it's mostly the same, just with some different, less organised people). And on Saturday it turned out the Wii I'd bought was faulty, so I had to get a replacement from the store. But on Sunday I finally got to play!

...And the very first task you have to do is find a cat named Mia. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING.

But yeah, uh. I'm currently up to the Faron Woods, and while I'm enjoying the game so far, I do have one complaint. Yes, it's the Wiimote.

Skyward Sword is certainly playable, and sometimes it's actually fun to use the Wiimote (I was giggling like a maniac when I first practiced the different sword swings). But there are times when it's doing exactly the opposite of what it's meant to, dragging me completely out of the game because I'm struggling so badly to work the controls. Flying through the Wing Ceremony, for example, was absolutely awful and took me over ten minutes of frantically waving the controller in random directions, trying to figure out how the hell to stop my Loftwing sinking and getting stuck in the clouds (no, the tutorial was no help). It took me several minutes to lift the Goddess Sword, because I couldn't get the motion right. Crossing narrow ropes takes forever, because I can't balance for more than a couple of steps before falling down. Hopefully problems like this won't crop up so much as I get more used to a motion-sensing controller D:

Apart from that everything's cool though.
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