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[he's remembered everything and now I'm dead]

So uh, I seem to be on Tumblr a lot more than LJ these days! It's not that I'm abandoning this place - I still check my flist daily, and I'll still be posting fics here. But for a while now, LJ has felt lonely for me. Only a handful of people on my flist actually make posts, since the rest have left. Tumblr might not be the greatest place for chatting, but there's a regular stream of easy-to-find posts for even the smallest fandoms, and it feels a lot more lively.

Speaking of small fandoms, I'm currently playing through the Golden Sun games. And they are fun but I am constantly getting lost and having no clue what to do next. Especially now I have Piers' ship and am spoiled for choice (though honestly the random battles are partly to blame, because even after casting Avoid I'm getting so many that it's a discouragement to exploration). And I find the pairing names people use hilarious. Mudshipping? Swampshipping? WAY TO MAKE THEM SOUND APPEALING GUYS
...Seriously though I love crazy things like that. And witherlessroses wants me to get on board with swampshipping, so I am looking out for reasons to. Because Felix is a cool guy, albeit a quiet one. And Piers is a cool guy too. I like his headscarf/veil/towel thing. I don't like his muscular arms though. /excellent insightful comments

I still haven't completed Skyward Sword ^^;;
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